Sports Marketing

With the Super Bowl shortly behind us, the thick of March Madness right in front of us, and the NBA playoffs in the near future, this is a great time of year for sports fans. Ticket sales high, people are constantly buying merchandise, and those who care nothing about sports are popping their head’s up to try and understand why everyone is going so crazy. Now, many fans will keep up with their team on and off-season, constantly checking for game times and player updates. However, how is it that thousands of people who do not care about sports become intrigued year after year? I have two words for you, “sports marketing.”

Sports marketers may just have the busiest of the marketing jobs. Not only will they advertise and update social media, many will write, come up with promotional strategies and plan community events. With sports like basketball and baseball each boasting over 80 and 150 games respectfully a season, sports marketers are kept exceptionally busy.

Engaging with fans online is important, as this is the preferred way for people to view content. Mobile is especially strong these days. Speaking of content, fans love to share content: a good move, a cool play or a fight. This is why social media is so important, it gives fans the ability to interact and do a marketer’s job for him or her.To read more about the importance of social media in sports marketing, check out this blog and podcast from Sports Geek HQ.


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